Rachel and Savanna met in 5th grade. Savanna had gone to school at another school where her mom taught so she was the new kid.  According to Savanna, “Rachel immediately starting coming by me on the playground and asking me to play. She wanted to know if I wanted to be friends.”  Savanna went on to say, “Some of the people Rachel thought were her friends were kind of mean to her and would tell her that didn’t want to play at recess. Sometimes she would cry so I tried to comfort her.”  Savanna’s mom registered their family to participate on Rachel’s Step Up for Down Syndrome Team, “Rachel’s Razorbacks”.  From there, the girls became good friends. Savanna says her favorite thing about Rachel is that she is always bubbly, usually has a smile and she is a loyal friend. Her favorite thing to do with Rachel is play on Rachel’s iPad. She says Rachel is always supportive in the games and a cheerleader.  Rachel says her favorite thing to do with Savanna is to hang out, have sleepovers and go to movies.”   They cheered together on an Upward Cheer team, too.  Rachel says, “Savanna is beautiful and kind and a good friend. I love her. She makes my heart happy.”