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  • Do you believe the film touched on important topics and will build greater awareness and acceptance about individuals with Down syndrome?
  • Do you feel this film is appropriate for all ages?
  • Should Down syndrome organizations and schools share it widely?
  • What is your favorite part?
  • How could the film be better?
  • Would you like to purchase the DVD?


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What-Are-People-Saying-2.pngI am a parapro/ teachers helper for a beautiful young girl who happens to have an extra chromosome. Not only is she my student but has taught me so much. So i consider her a teacher as well. I LOVE THIS VIDEO. I believe if more people took the time to watch this they would have more knowledge. I had to get a tissue before it was over. BRAVO TO ALL OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE INVOLVED!!!!! -- Sharon Walters

That was so well done, congratulations on making such a positive, informative message. My 11 year old son Riley, has d.s and attends our local mainstream primary school in Australia, I know the school would love to show a film like this. Thankyou so much, all the ‘narrators/actors’ did an absolutely fab job! -- Sharon Smith

This is an amazing video. It emphasizes the importance of relationships for all people. If I can be half of what these young people are the world will be a better place. Thank you for moving humanity forward. -- Mike Terry

We’ve shared it with our DS parent’s network in England and they love it. Already talking about whether a British version might be possible and parents are speaking to their schools about how they can use it. --Jeri

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  1. Nick Marti says:

    I attended one of the Specialists breakfasts’ at the DSG office for my district and saw this film and loved it. I wanted to go to the premier but was unable to make it. I would be interested in purchasing the DVD so that I can show it to my colleagues and others who would be interested in seeing it. When do you plan on having this film available for purchase? Thank you very much!

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